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#101 Running shoes: which ones, how often and how many?

#101 Running shoes: which ones, how often and how many?

May 16, 2019

Which running shoes are best for me?

This is one of the most common questions, and also one of the most difficult ones to answer, because everyone is well different. But in this podcast I break down how to narrow the field of what you are choosing from in terms of:

  • Neutral vs Stability
  • Heel to Toe Drop
  • Cushion Level
  • Purpose of the shoe

And talk about some ways you can find things that might be comfortable for you and ways to figure out good things to try.

I also cover some other common issues like:

  • When to replace shoes
  • How to know when to replace shoes
  • Incorporating different shoes for different purposes to extend the life of your more expensive shoes.


Run Repeat rank shoes, have detailed reviews and specifications and also show you other things you might like based on your existing shoes.

If you are buying online, Running Warehouse are well worth a look because they have a 30 day love the shoe guarantee.

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#100 The long and winding road of progress or how to take over an hour off your half marathon time in 6 years

#100 The long and winding road of progress or how to take over an hour off your half marathon time in 6 years

May 10, 2019

When someone in our Run Club community asked me about progress, they probably didn't expect me to go on about it for 80 minutes, but here we are.

So often on the socials, you see where people are now and might not realise all the ups and downs it took to get there. And in fact, you probably couldn't get there without the ups and downs.

In this podcast I talk about getting started running in 2011 and then a bit of my timeline in going from a 3 hour half marathoner to a 1:36 half marathon at Canberra, just recently. I think I confuse myself a bit with the timeline somewhere in the middle, but you get the idea.

2013: First two half marathons, being dragged along by someone faster than me.

2014: Decide to actually follow a specific training approach to get better, rather than just running without any plan. Manage to break 2 hours in April and break 1:50 in July. Go on to run my first marathon at the end of the year.

2015: Tear my adductor at the beginning of the year, but go on to run a 4:08 marathon at the end of the year, which didn't go according to plan but I was so proud of anyway.

2016: Work up to a 25 minute 5k in January to get some speed back, but then business pressures take over and I take time off anything but easy running. Run all the marathons between 5 and 6 hours and fall out of love with the distance pretty quickly.

2017: Challenge the story I'm telling myself about never being able to better that Gold Coast half and start proper training again. Run 1:46 in Gold Coast and 1:40 in Melbourne

2018: Come to terms with a long-term structural injury from scoliosis and don't run for around 6 months. And then start the process of rebuilding.

I talk a bit about the obstacles (some physical, some mental), how to assess where you should be working and how to create sustainable change for the long term.

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#99 How to put your habits on auto-pilot

#99 How to put your habits on auto-pilot

April 12, 2019

Have you ever wondered why it's so much easier to get going, once you take that first step?

But that first step is brutally hard and challenging isn't it? And once you do get going you wonder why it was so hard in the first place?

This week I'm talking about how to create routines that make habits almost inevitable by creating little steps that have nothing to do with running or your new habit really, but make it almost impossible not to happen once you start to create that chain reaction. 

So in this episode I'm talking about:

  • Creating those habits to build in that first step so you don't have to think about
  • How motivation happens after you get moving, not before
  • Creating some temptation bundling for those things that you are most resistant to doing
  • Setting up systems to get your habits on auto-pilot and make the things you want to do almost inevitable.

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#98 Does it really come naturally? Breathing while running.

#98 Does it really come naturally? Breathing while running.

April 8, 2019

Breathing feels like it should be easy, like something that should come naturally - after all you do it all the time, right? 

This is one of the topics that comes up really regularly in Learn to Run as often breathing is one of the biggest struggles for a new runner, or someone returning to running. In this episode I talk about:

  • Mouth breathing vs nose breathing
  • How to improve your breathing technique by practicing when you aren't running
  • Breathing exercises to improve your lung capacity (you can check out a great starting point here)
  • Running workouts that will force adaptation in your lungs.

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#97 Kirsten’s 100km Adventure at Oscars Hut 2 Hut (Part Two)

#97 Kirsten’s 100km Adventure at Oscars Hut 2 Hut (Part Two)

March 27, 2019

So pleased to welcome Kirsten back to part two of this podcast!

This is a long one, so get ready to dive in! 

In this episode we talk about:

  • A bit about her fuelling (and mine)
  • All about her second day and why it was a whole lot different than what she expected
  • Split second decisions they had to make along the way
  • How to handle adversity when you get thrown a few curve balls
  • What she's got coming up next
  • And we also talked a bit about everything else, because we love a chat.

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#96 Kirsten’s 100km Adventure at Oscars Hut 2 Hut

#96 Kirsten’s 100km Adventure at Oscars Hut 2 Hut

March 15, 2019

This week, I talk to Kirsten about taking on her first 100km event at Oscars Hut 2 Hut.

We talk about what kind of training she had to do, how she adapted her training based on limited access to similar terrain and what the first day was like.

We also talk a bit about the things that might stop someone from training or entering ultra trail events and what can be done to make it more accessible to people.

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#95 Fuelling Your Run

#95 Fuelling Your Run

February 26, 2019

In this podcast, I'm diving into the specifics of fuelling including:

  • What do you need: before, during and after
  • What place does fasted running have
  • What are the benefits of things like branch chain amino acids
  • How much should you have
  • What things to take particular attention to based on your goals
  • Practicing your fuelling before you get to race day
  • Race day strategies for fuelling. 

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#94 How to optimise your race recovery

#94 How to optimise your race recovery

February 15, 2019

This week, in the podcast I'm talking about a question that often pops up in Run Club, and that is how much recovery do I need and what does that even look like?

So this week, I'm talking about:

  • How many days off do you need?
  • How long until full recovery happens?
  • What if you've got a race three weeks later?
  • And, importantly how should you recover at the end of the year?
#93 Back to the Beginning

#93 Back to the Beginning

February 8, 2019

Back on my podcast, and back to the beginning! 

Whenever Learn to Run starts, I have the opportunity to reflect on where I started and how my own experiences have helped me to shape and change and evolve Learn to Run. This week I'm talking about what learning to run was like for me, and how it slowly grew into something bigger than myself. There are things I learnt as a runner, and things I learnt as a coach from where I started and the points where I succeeded and where I failed. 

Resources I talk about:

How to rehab shin splints, because resting isn't enough!

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#92 Your Body Is Not Your Adversary

#92 Your Body Is Not Your Adversary

December 20, 2018

If I see one more post about how far you have to run to burn off Christmas lunch . . .

Or how I should eat BEFORE I go to parties so I don't eat while I'm there or how maybe I should just eat less food the next day if I'm overindulged the night before, my head might explode. Running is not a punishment for the Christmas lunch you have, or for the date night you enjoyed or for the drinks you had out with your friends. 

But this leads me to a bigger discussion about how easy it is to fall into the trap of seeing your body as an obstacle, as an entity you fight against or worse something that has betrayed you a million times and failed you more than you can count. That kind of thinking can get under your skin and sink into your bones if you let it. And eventually it will almost impersonate belonging there. But it does not.