#84 Finding a running coach is like dating, here’s how to find what works for you

August 18, 2018

This week we are talking about running coaches

How to find them, why you might want one, and what are the best questions to ask including:

  • Why it's far more about personality than it is about programming
  • Getting a sense of someone's training philosophy
  • The benefits of creating a partnership for your training with coaching
  • And why I think all running coaches should have coaches too! 

Learn to Run registrations are now open, so you can sign up here for early access to the group and to start on our introductory walking and strength program. 


#83 Things that are not running that can dramatically improve your running

August 10, 2018

Let's talk about things that are not running that might be stopping your running from improving

This week in the podcast, I'm talking about all the things that sit around your running that can have a huge impact on your running

  • On sleep: making the most of your own sleep pattern, rather than forcing yourself to get up early
  • On nutrition: making small tweaks that can force you to get all your micronutrients as well as your macros and making that mindset shift to eating for performance
  • Experimenting with cold exposure for improved immunity: YES. I've been having cold showers.
  • Mobility: I've been using the GOWOD Mobility First app for three weeks and I talk about what I'm loving it for.



#82 Love Your Before

July 27, 2018

Let's talk about before and afters.

This week I talk about:

  • Why 'before' and 'afters' are great for reflection and inspiration, but are also a bit misleading
  • Why the person in your before has done all of the heavy lifting
  • And how to appreciate your before, and enjoy your after too. 

#81 Amplifying your training with . . . REST

July 13, 2018

Let's talk Rest Days! 

In the beginning they might be your favourite thing, but after awhile rest days can sometimes seem harder than run days! So this week I'm talking about:

  • What the purpose of rest days is
  • The difference between rest days and active recovery
  • How to tell if you need more rest
  • How to adapt your training when you need to
  • How to build volume without creating too much fatigue
  • And why you don't want to carry fatigue from one session to the next
  • Plus, why you don't want to get caught up in more is more and how to make smart decisions.



#80 Warm up for better fitness adaptations and to hate your workouts less

July 6, 2018

Have you ever noticed how your second interval in the middle of those intervals is easier than the first? 

That's probably because you haven't warmed up properly. And while a full warm up is time consuming, it can be the thing that gives you so much more out of the session, allows you to enjoy it a whole lot more and creates better fitness adaptations too. 

In this episode I talk about:

  • Fuelling your quality sessions
  • What a warm up looks like for interval training vs sprint training
  • The rest times you should be taking in between your warm up and your sessions
  • What kind of stretches and dynamic movements you could include to help you warm up
  • Why you should shorten the workout and not the warm up. 

Here is a sample warm up to get you started! 


#79 Ditching the Fads: Creating Context and Purpose for your Training Week

June 29, 2018

If you do everything at full capacity, you'll burn out pretty quickly.

And not just physically either, it's a tough mental burden to shoulder as well. This week I'm talking about ways to structure your week to make sure that:

  • Every session has a purpose and a goal
  • You are making choices that are about longevity, not just maximum results
  • You enjoy what you are doing, and it isn't something you dread
  • You are taking into account that a particular type of training that you do might present different goals than the ones you are individually pursuing and how to make choices for your training with that knowledge
  • You are prioritising recovery days, easy days, maximum effort days, movement quality days and practice days

#78 Race prepping like a champ for a great run

June 23, 2018

It can be easy to think that once you hit taper time all the work has been done, and that's mostly true. But there's a whole lot you can do in the last week to make sure you get to the start line well rested, well fuelled, with your mindset in the right place and ready to go.

This week I talk about:

  • What to stop doing the week before your race
  • How to avoid the dreaded taper sickness
  • What to eat and drink in the lead up; and
  • How to calm your nerves to get your head in the right place. 

#77 Beyond PBs - Creating a Layer Cake of Goals

June 15, 2018

Habits are not goals, so if you aren't a natural planner or you aren't in a focused period of training, the idea of setting goals can seem overwhelming at best or even pointless. But there are so many ways to set goals to keep you interested in what you are doing and they don't have to be about reaching a new distance, entering a new event, or setting a new PB.

In this episode of the podcast I talk about using goals to create your own meaning and some of the fun ways to set goals to keep things interesting too. 


#76 How to Motivate Yourself To Do Hard Things

June 8, 2018

This week I'm talking about how to get yourself going for things that aren't exciting, that you don't look forward to but you really need to do. That might be rehab, strengthening weaknesses or it might be those hill sprints that you are dreading or it might be the meal planning you can't stand.

The longer term the reward is for the things you are trying to do, the harder it is to get going. 

So this week, I talk about:

  • Knowing why you are doing it in the first place, and what the benefits are
  • Prioritising things early in the day and early in your week
  • Finding something, even something small that you can enjoy about it
  • Creating a reward system to sweeten the deal
  • Creating some social accountability
  • And even tricking yourself i you need to!

#75 Gadgets! Free apps vs paid apps vs watches. Where do you start?

June 2, 2018

This week you'll have to excuse my awful voice, but on the upside I did record this before I lost my voice so that is at least something! This week I'm talking about some of the basics, especially when you are starting out and all the running apps are pretty confusing and it's hard to know if the free vs paid version is worth it. And go into a bit of a brief overview of running watches if you'd like to take the leap from app to watch. 

And while I have you there I talk a bit more about the benefits of tracking and what some of the pit falls are too. 

Currently we are accepting annual run club registrations until the 17th June. If you sign up you get a free team singlet (or t-shirt!) valued at $59, so don't miss out!