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Ultra Race Romania but in Geurie

September 18, 2020

This week, I'm talking to Ness about her recent race

I am back talking to Ness this week. You can find her on instagram. And you can check out past episodes of the podcast with her in Episode 51 - The one where Ness ran 100km or Episode 43 – Meet Ness: Ultrarunner, Crossfitter and All Round Badass

Racing looks a little bit different right about now so we talk a bit about:

  • Training for a multi-stage event
  • What were the good bits and bad bits about doing a race from your home base
  • What she would have done differently
  • And how she managed her recovery along the way.

Did you enjoy listening to Jen last time? Well you are going to love this bonus episode!

New bonus episode about what got her started in running, why it didn't come naturally to her, and what has kept her going. You can check out the bonus episode on patreon here

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