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# 24 on Fat Shaming, Viral Blog Posts and The Most Asked Questions About Learn to Run

September 28, 2016


"Slim or Skinny or Athletic or Average Sized People Just Don't Live in the Same World as Fat People"

Today I talk about writing "I'm a Size 10, But I Will Always Be Plus Sized" and having to hide afterwards. Learn to Run is currently on early bird special for the last program of 2016, so I also talk about the most common questions I get:

  • What level of fitness do I need?
  • Will it work for me if I'm already running 1-3km?
  • Can I do it if I am overweight?
  • Can I do it on the treadmill?
  • What if I fail? 

'What if I fail?' is a big one, and here was the response from graduates about this fear of failure and how they found the Learn to Run program. And I talk a little bit about stepping away from the construct of success vs failure and the real goal of the Learn to Run program. 

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