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Plan, Train and Adapt with Nicole Avery

September 30, 2020

Zoey and Nicole at Melbourne Marathon Festival

Marathon training, interrupted

This week, I'm talking marathon training, lockdown, planning and new projects with Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids. You can check out some of Nicole's marathon training tips,  some ideas for fuelling your training, and here is one of her recipes for a morning protein smoothie. Nicole wanted to run a marathon this year, but 2020 had different ideas! So we talked a bit about the changing landscape of her training this year and how having a personalised plan has helped her.

How planning can give you more time for training, and more time for fun stuff

One of the big questions our awesome crew in Run Club have, is how do you juggle it all - family, work, running? And Nicole talks us through some of her main processes for  putting her planning to work for her so she has more time for marathon training and more quality family time.

Some marathon training talk!

We talk pacing vs effort, how to get your head around hard workouts and not changing what our coach has written. 

Introducing Adapt

Nicole has started a new project: Adapt Drinks. Nicole has developed a drink with a focus on relaxation, stress relief and recovery - without any sugar or alcohol additives. The drinks include adaptogenic herbs, which you could take as a supplement - but are now in a drink form to retain that ritual of having a drink. So it's a great way to get your relaxation or stress relief without all the negatives associated with alcohol. I think it's such a cool concept, and I promptly contributed to her campaign to get my pre-order sorted! You can pre-order yours here.

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