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Everything you don’t know about running injuries with Brodie Sharpe

November 2, 2020

Running image - title says everything you don't know about running injuries with Brodie Sharpeå

Running injuries can be a bit of a mystery can't they?

It often seems like you are on some kind of detective hunt to find the cause of those pesky running injuries and often you find more questions than answers. To make matters a whole lot worse, there's a whole lot of misinformation out there and plenty of fear mongering as well. You are constantly getting bombarded with what to do, what not to do and sometimes there's a whole lot of conflicting advice as well.

This week, I talked with Brodie Sharpe of the Run Smarter Podcast

Brodie is a physiotherapist that specialises in running injuries and injury prevention and you can find out more about what he offers at the Breakthrough Running Clinic and Run Smarter Online He's passionate about breaking down some of those myths about running and running injuries and helping people to make better decisions sooner so that you can prevent injuries or at least make them far less long and let's face it very annoying! Some of the topics that we focused on in this episode where:

  • What is the cause of knee pain and what can you do about it?
  • Is rest the answer for shin splints?
  • Is running really going to damage your joints?
  • Does stretching matter?
  • Should you use supports like orthotics?
  • Why is plantar fasciitis such a persistent and difficult injury to deal with?
  • Is bodyweight training really the best option for runners? Or should you be lifting weights?
  • And how to pick up the signs of when you need help vs a niggle you can manage on your own.

We covered a lot of ground and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  

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