Operation Move

Creating the bubble and the environment for the change you want in 2021

January 8, 2021

Oh hello, I hear it's 2021.

And it's been awhile since I've been on the podcast, and boy did I miss it.

In this episode I'm talking about:

  • Why it's really hard at this time of year to navigate the new year - whether you have goals you'd like to achieve or not
  • Creating an approach for change that is based on curiousity
  • Being willing to make changes to better support your goals
  • Creating the environment that is going to work for you instead of work against you. 

Learn to Run starts on the 18th of January

This program includes:

  • Four different programs depending on whether you are an absolute beginner or already running 5km
  • A 12 week, supported program with access to a coach.
  • Options for individualised programming and one-on-one coaching

You can sign up here. 

Check out Run Club and the Operation Move Sisterhood

Our amazing community includes:

  • Plans from 5km to Marathon from Beginner to Advanced
  • Weekly workouts for when you are in between plans, or just to spice up your week
  • A private facebook community
  • Access to coaches for all your questions
  • And most importantly - the most supportive community you can imagine!

You can sign up here.

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