Operation Move

#91 The terrifying and liberating path of being a beginner

December 13, 2018

Beginnings have been popping up a lot this week. Maybe it's the new Learn to Run starting on January 7th, or maybe it's being so close to a new year, or have just started with a new coach and taking the next steps at rehab, but suddenly it seems like beginnings are everywhere. 

This week on the podcast, I'm talking a bit about the hash and wonderful parts of beginning and persisting. 

It seems like it should be easy to just start. But great things are rarely easy. And to want to change, you not have to have a whole history that has led you to want to change, that has led you to the idea that staying the same is more painful than doing something really uncomfortable, but you have to restructure your life to make room for that change. And then you have to resist all of the internal forces in play that insist you stay the same. 

Suddenly it's not so easy. 

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