Operation Move

#85 Identifying Weaknesses to Maximise Your Results

August 23, 2018


Let's talk weaknesses!

Weaknesses are actually your best friend, and your best path to improved results, but finding out what they are and how to address them can be tricky! This week I'm talking about:

  • Creating a mindset that allows you to thrive when addressing weaknesses, doing hard things and focusing on things that you aren't good at. 
  • How to identify if your best area of improvement is in sprinting, middle distance or long distance
  • How you can customise training to still target your goal distance but also work on the energy system that needs it the most. 
  • Creating a relationship with improvement that is about learning and not success vs failure.

The link I mentioned for a racing equivalent calculator is here. 

And Learn to Run starts on the 10th September, don't miss out! 

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