Operation Move

#73 How to maintain good training and nutrition habits away from home

May 17, 2018

It's so easy to get out of the swing of things when you are away from home and then it seems like more of an effort to get back into it when you return, doesn't it? This week I'm talking about some things you can do to keep your habits ticking along when you are away from home: whether it's a running event, a holiday or you are travelling for work. 

I have a bit of an addictive personality, I think so it's been really easy for me to see trips away in the past as a perfect reason to completely abandon anything I would normally do with my nutrition. But you know what? I choose those things with nutrition because they make me feel good, so it never works out as well as you'd think! 

I'm heading down to Ultra Trail Australia tomorrow and I talk through some of what I'll be doing to make sure I stay on track, but also make sure it doesn't take away from the experience either! 

Learn to Run starts on the 28th May and it will be our last intake of the program until the 6th of August, so don't miss out

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