Operation Move

#46 Strategising Your Next Half Marathon PB

June 15, 2017

In case you were living under a rock, I ran a half marathon last weekend at race pace

There wasn't an organised race, I just picked a route to run locally. But it did get me thinking about all of the strategy that goes into the event itself, even after you've done all the training.

There is:

  • Nutrition in the lead up: should you be carb-loading or avoiding fiber?
  • Hydration before the big day: how to make sure you are actually absorbing all of that water
  • What's your pacing strategy: why negative splits are terrifying, but can help you
  • What's your on-day nutrition and fuelling strategy?
  • Why would you warm up when you are running a ridiculous amount of kilometres anyway?
  • And finally, your recovery plan

So I talk a bit about all of those things and I have a teeny little rant about those posters that reduce the distance of your run to a certain number of cupcakes or donuts. Don't even get me started. And here's that phat fudge recipe I was talking about.

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