Operation Move

#34 New Beginnings and Things To Put in Your Diary This Year

March 2, 2017

We are back! How exciting!

This week in the podcast we talk about:

  • How cute Baby Amelia noises are
  • An introduction to Operation Move for people who are just joining us (can you believe it's been 5 years?)
  • Some of the things we are hoping to do this year on the podcast
  • Events we are looking forward to
  • Kate is starting Learn to Run in March and you can join her!
  • Call out for questions for future episodes of the podcast, tell us what you'd like to hear!

Links we mention:

Learn to Run (starts March 13th)

Far and Fast Coaching (sign up any time)

Run Club (monthly membership)

Community Group (free to join)

You can also follow Operation Move or Zoey on Twitter. 

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News article from the perspective of a personal trainer on change (which we disagree with): http://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2017-01-23/you-say-you-want-to-get-fit-but-do-you-really/8203950

Surf Coast Trail Run - June 24th

Gold Coast Airport Marathon - July 1-2

May - Whole Life Challenge (Sign up now at early bird rates)

Blog Post: Learning to Run is a Really Big Deal

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