Operation Move

#32 Coming back from a long break. How to start again.

November 22, 2016


Ever had a break from running and then feel a bit lost?

Sometimes you have a break because life gets busy, or because you weren't loving it and motivation was low or because you were sick or had an injury or something awesome like having a baby. There are a million reasons to have a break, and today we talk about why that's not necessarily a bad thing, but you do often need some strategies to get back out there too.

We have a chat about:

  • Taking a good look at why you needed the break - maybe you weren't enjoying it or you were overtraining
  • Being smart with your body when you are building up distance again
  • Having realistic expectations of yourself
  • Learning from your break, rather than just ploughing on forward
  • Focussing on the process, not the goal
  • Treating your body as an ally, not the enemy
  • Where to start and tips to get you going in the beginning

And we want to hear your goals and goal events for next year (as well as any questions you have!) Head over to the community group here and I've started a thread to get your thoughts.

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