Operation Move

#31 Garmin unfollowed me on instagram but I still want them to make a Fenix HR in rose gold so I can give them my money

November 18, 2016


Seriously though, we are talking about running apps and running watches this week. 

Or we do eventually, after we have a bit of a chat about holidays, travel and the total political madness over the last week. We get there, I promise! 

In that we talk about:

  • Free apps
  • Entry level watches and what they do and what their limitations are
  • What features caused us to upgrade
  • What watches we have our eye one (hint: the title kind of gives this away)
  • Some of the software to be aware of when picking a watch
  • And what a huge improvement the Apple 2 watch is. 

We only have three more podcasts for the year. THREE! And we want to use them to either talk about your questions or your goals fo next year, so you can either contact me here or head over to the Community Group on Facebook


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