Operation Move

#30 What We Are Listening To

November 7, 2016


Ever struggle to find something to plug into your ear holes?

We don't have that problem, ever because there are too many podcasts to listen to. This week we talk about

  • When we listen to music, when we go audio free and when we listen to podcasts
  • What kinds of things we listen to depending on the kind of workout we are doing
  • Our favourite podcasts
  • People we are best friends with in our mind
  • And the best thing about going to Fiji for a week

Podcasts we talk about include:

Seth Godin Startup School

Tim Ferriss Show

T.E.A.M. Effort Podcast

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Reply All

The Moth


Two Grumpy Hacks


Chat 10 Looks 3

The Minefield

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