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#25 Supplements - What do you really need?

October 4, 2016


Should you be taking supplements? And what should you be taking?

This week we talk about supplements. Is it necessary? Are you getting enough in your food? And what things should you be paying attention to. So we have a chat about:

  • Common areas of deficiencies for women
  • Protein powder - do you need it?
  • Supplementation based on your goals
  • Pre and post workout nutrition
  • Minerals that you lose through sweat


Podcast episode about supplementation that I referred to - The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 12: Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Life Extension, Performance, and Much More

Podcasts that Kate is listening to:

Two Grumpy Hacks (Australian Political Podcast)

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Article about Post-Exercise Selfies - What’s the deal with the post-exercise selfies?

Check out Allison Everett (Personal Trainer) at FitQuest360

Book on Running Form and Mobility - Ready to Run by Kelly Starett

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