Operation Move

#17 Overcoming the Imposter Complex

August 10, 2016

Do you ever hesitate before you call yourself a runner?

Or do you qualify it with something? Maybe you call yourself slow, or say you don't run, so much as shuffle. Then this episode is for you! We've never met a fake runner, so this week we are talking about the pervasiveness of the Imposter Complex. And we talk about:

  • How to recognise it
  • Strategies to help you step away from your fear
  • And we challenge some ideas that you might still be holding on to.
  • We also get sidetracked, as per usual!

You also might want to check out Mrs Woog's post on tall poppy syndrome which we mentioned here. Or my post on why I won't be marathon training anymore. You can also join us in the community group if you have any questions or have anything you'd like us to talk about in the podcast. 

And finally, don't forget Learn to Run starts Monday and it is going to be awesome! 

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