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#121 No, Runners Don’t Hate Running

February 22, 2020

Or how you can manipulate data to sell the story you want . . .

Strava released data from surveying 25,0000 runners. You can see their visualisation of that data here

And I probably would have just looked at it and thought hey, that's pretty cool but then every media outlet across the globe started running their story which was basically "LOOK. Runners hate running too!"

And as clickable a headline as that it is it's not really true. 

The less exciting version is that runners love to run, and they tolerate a bunch of stuff that they don't always love, all the time because they love it - and overall there is very little that they actually hate. 

So this week, I talk a bit about the toxic nature of normalising love-hate relationships with exercise and movement. 

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