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#118 How do I get past overwhelm to get started and keep going?

January 31, 2020

I am so excited to be back in podcast land!

This week, I have something a bit different, which I hope you will love.

i put a call out to our Run Club members, to see if anyone wanted to do a coaching session over the phone, so we could take a deep dive into their biggest obstacle, and share it as an episode of the podcast. 

Lucky for me, Deb took me up on it! And I think you will love this chat.


How do I get beyond overwhelm to get started, and to keep going?

This was her big question. So we looked at what happens when you lose motivation after reaching a big goal (she ran a half marathon last year), or how to get back into things after having a break because of work or sickness, but also more importantly how to adjust your mindset so you don't find your harder sessions too intimidating to do. 

She also had some questions about my fat loss cycle last year, so if you aren't interested in that - just skip over that bit!


Would you like your question answered? 

As promised on the podcast, you can book in a skype call here


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