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#115 Training Talk with Kirsten + How To Pick a Goal Race

November 22, 2019

This week in Training Talk

I talk to Kirsten who is deep into ultra taper. This was recorded last week, so at the time of publishing this she is already down in Falls Creek getting ready, which is so exciting!

We talk a bit about what her taper look like (and what my deload week looked like - far less interesting) and we will make sure and do another episode after she is back to catch up on how it all went.

Listener Question: How Do You Pick a Goal Race?

This is a big question and thank you to Jo from Run Club for asking it, because it's a great one to think about at this time of year!

And we get into:

  • Goal races for experience vs for PBs
  • Structuring your year around your goals
  • The differences when you are planning for an ultra vs planning for a shorter distance
  • And then we get sidetracked into other things like: you can run even if it doesn't benefit your family at all.

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