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#113 Training Talk with Kirsten and What Happens When You Don’t Adapt to Training

November 1, 2019

podcast: episode 113 – training talk with kirsten and what happens when you don’t adapt to training

In this week’s podcast, Kirsten is back and we go long!

We catch up on what does a big training week look like when you are about to run 100km, and what we’ve both been up to. She’s in full training mode, but I’ve taken everything down a notch for the year.

We tackle the big question: what happens if you do the training plan, log all the workouts, and you don’t get the outcome you wanted?

We talk about:

  • Setting a reasonable expectation in the first place
  • How to make sure that you have more than one goal, so it’s not all locked into one time
  • Focusing on trends, rather than one result
  • How to evaluate if it is the training plan that’s not quite right for what you need to work on, or if it’s just that you haven’t given it enough time yet
  • And the even bigger question: what would you do if you were never going to improve?

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