Operation Move

#108: How to get the most out of a race, when you aren’t chasing a PB

August 22, 2019

Sometimes a race is a stepping stone, not the ultimate goal

There are races for fun, there are races for socialising, there are races for setting that PB and then there are races that are somewhere in between, where for whatever reason a PB isn't an achievable goal, but you still want it to be something that is at full effort. It might be you are coming back after a break, or recovering from your last big adventure or rebuilding in someway. 

Now sometimes you need to be brave and believe in yourself for that PB and be willing to see what happens, but sometimes you need to take it where you are at: as the next step.

And for those races, pushing yourself in the hard parts for less than you've achieved in the past can be a tough one to wrap your head around. So in this episode, I talk a bit about how to approach these in between type races and how to get the most out of them for yourself and for your training. 

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