Operation Move

#102 Running and Immunity - How to avoid getting sick, what to do when you do and how to come back afterwards

May 23, 2019

Most of us want to avoid getting sick, but if we do get sick, what happens next? 

Truthfully, I was a bit superstitious about recording this because I've been cold-free for 9 months and I though for sure I would get sick if I talked about it. And that very afternoon I felt like death, but had a good night sleep and my streak lives on! 

So, in this episode I talk about:

  • How to support your immune system, so the chances of you getting sick are less likely
  • What to do when you do get sick
  • How to come back after you've been unwell
  • And where to come back to - whether you have a training plan for a specific event, or a training plan with no date-sensitive event

And in general just a bit about what I do in terms of structuring workouts to look after my health, what supplements/strategies I use which have helped me and hopefully they might help you too!


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