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#101 Running shoes: which ones, how often and how many?

May 16, 2019

Which running shoes are best for me?

This is one of the most common questions, and also one of the most difficult ones to answer, because everyone is well different. But in this podcast I break down how to narrow the field of what you are choosing from in terms of:

  • Neutral vs Stability
  • Heel to Toe Drop
  • Cushion Level
  • Purpose of the shoe

And talk about some ways you can find things that might be comfortable for you and ways to figure out good things to try.

I also cover some other common issues like:

  • When to replace shoes
  • How to know when to replace shoes
  • Incorporating different shoes for different purposes to extend the life of your more expensive shoes.


Run Repeat rank shoes, have detailed reviews and specifications and also show you other things you might like based on your existing shoes.

If you are buying online, Running Warehouse are well worth a look because they have a 30 day love the shoe guarantee.

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