#94 How to optimise your race recovery

February 15, 2019

This week, in the podcast I'm talking about a question that often pops up in Run Club, and that is how much recovery do I need and what does that even look like?

So this week, I'm talking about:

  • How many days off do you need?
  • How long until full recovery happens?
  • What if you've got a race three weeks later?
  • And, importantly how should you recover at the end of the year?

#93 Back to the Beginning

February 8, 2019

Back on my podcast, and back to the beginning! 

Whenever Learn to Run starts, I have the opportunity to reflect on where I started and how my own experiences have helped me to shape and change and evolve Learn to Run. This week I'm talking about what learning to run was like for me, and how it slowly grew into something bigger than myself. There are things I learnt as a runner, and things I learnt as a coach from where I started and the points where I succeeded and where I failed. 

Resources I talk about:

How to rehab shin splints, because resting isn't enough!

Learn to Run starts on 11th February, you can dive in here. And all the payment options are viewable here


#92 Your Body Is Not Your Adversary

December 20, 2018

If I see one more post about how far you have to run to burn off Christmas lunch . . .

Or how I should eat BEFORE I go to parties so I don't eat while I'm there or how maybe I should just eat less food the next day if I'm overindulged the night before, my head might explode. Running is not a punishment for the Christmas lunch you have, or for the date night you enjoyed or for the drinks you had out with your friends. 

But this leads me to a bigger discussion about how easy it is to fall into the trap of seeing your body as an obstacle, as an entity you fight against or worse something that has betrayed you a million times and failed you more than you can count. That kind of thinking can get under your skin and sink into your bones if you let it. And eventually it will almost impersonate belonging there. But it does not. 


#91 The terrifying and liberating path of being a beginner

December 13, 2018

Beginnings have been popping up a lot this week. Maybe it's the new Learn to Run starting on January 7th, or maybe it's being so close to a new year, or have just started with a new coach and taking the next steps at rehab, but suddenly it seems like beginnings are everywhere. 

This week on the podcast, I'm talking a bit about the hash and wonderful parts of beginning and persisting. 

It seems like it should be easy to just start. But great things are rarely easy. And to want to change, you not have to have a whole history that has led you to want to change, that has led you to the idea that staying the same is more painful than doing something really uncomfortable, but you have to restructure your life to make room for that change. And then you have to resist all of the internal forces in play that insist you stay the same. 

Suddenly it's not so easy. 


#90 Five Reasons Why Your 5km Isn’t Improving

November 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered why you work really hard in your running, but you just don't quite improve?

Maybe you think that you are missing something, or maybe you start thinking that you are just slow. Chances are there are a whole bunch of things that aren't quite happening, and that's the reason why you start to feel stuck. Before we get into this, it's great to keep in mind that improving is really fun and a great way to keep motivated but it's not really why most people run. When you start to feel stuck the first question it's great to ask yourself is: if I was never going to improve, would I still be doing this? And the answer is YES. You would. Because you love it. But seeing as it seems an absolute shame to put all of your hard work and passion and love into something and not improve, this week I'm talking about 5 ways which you might be short-changing yourself in your 5km training. 

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#89 How to Debrief After a Bad Race

November 2, 2018

This week we are talking post-race debrief after a race or event that definitely did not go to plan. Normally, this is something that you would do with a coach, but if you don't have a coach or are self-coached, then there are loads of things that you can do to do your own debrief post-event to make sure that you learn as much as possible and have everything you need to move forward with your next training cycle. 

Learn to Run registrations are open, so you can check that out here. And our Walking and Introductory Strength program is available for free: tick the walking challenge box when you sign up for the newsletter


#88 Is lighter really faster?

October 25, 2018

It's really easy to believe that lighter is faster, but is it? How many times have you thought that if you 'just' lost x amount of kilos it would make running easier, faster, better? But is it really true?

This week I talk a bit about that. There's a short version and a longer version.

As I mention in the podcast you can sign up for the Walking program through the newsletter here and select the walking challenge option. And Learn to Run is now accepting registrations for our last program of the year. You can check that out here


#87 When Rehab is Done, But You Still Aren’t Ready

October 5, 2018

Just about a year ago, I headed into treatment, having no concept of how long it would take. But I think what surprised me along the way was the emotional points were not when I was stagnant, but when I had to take the next step forward. I'm at one of those steps now. I've been informed that this stage of rehab is now complete. I surprised myself by how conflicted I was about that. How hard it would be to take full ownership of my own training and my own ongoing maintenance and how scared I was of exiting the safety zone that has been rehab for the last year. 

In this episode I talk a bit about what I got out of the process, but also how the process is ongoing. 


#86 A race is just more information, but do you have the right mindset to make use of it?

September 13, 2018

This week, I'm talking about new information and how to make use of it.

New information might be testing yourself with a race or a time trial or it might be doing what I'm thinking about doing which is getting a body scan (maybe!) I talk about:

  • How you can be disappointed with a result, and happy with it at the same time - it's complicated!
  • What I learnt in my recent race
  • Creating a mindset that is positive for taking on and utilising new information
  • When you might want to pass on getting new information because you aren't ready to make use of it.

Until the end of September you can join Run Club and get a free teamwear singlet, you can sign up here


#85 Identifying Weaknesses to Maximise Your Results

August 23, 2018


Let's talk weaknesses!

Weaknesses are actually your best friend, and your best path to improved results, but finding out what they are and how to address them can be tricky! This week I'm talking about:

  • Creating a mindset that allows you to thrive when addressing weaknesses, doing hard things and focusing on things that you aren't good at. 
  • How to identify if your best area of improvement is in sprinting, middle distance or long distance
  • How you can customise training to still target your goal distance but also work on the energy system that needs it the most. 
  • Creating a relationship with improvement that is about learning and not success vs failure.

The link I mentioned for a racing equivalent calculator is here. 

And Learn to Run starts on the 10th September, don't miss out!